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Coverage for Kroger, Albertsons,  Drug,  Walmart, E-Commerce, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Convenience Stores & Club

Growth by acquisition comes with a fatal flaw. Big sales agencies grow by acquiring regional or specialty companies.
The problem here is that the identity and culture of the acquired company completely erodes over time especially during the integration process as the smaller broker is folded into the bigger company. Redundancies are eliminated. Employees who were integral to the samller agency are laid off.
The culture changes completely because of this process and customers of the original smaller companies become frustrated because the quality of service is just not there any more.
The biggest losers here are small to medium sized brands who expected more support but actually get less because they don’t matter as much anymore to the acquiring company.
So how do you grow a Sales Agency without losing the original DNA of the acquired entity. You cant do it by acquisition. But the iLevel collective will give you the best in class services in a seamless fashion so it looks like you are working with  a bigger broker but it still feels like the service you get at a smaller agency.

Natural Specialty Team Lead

Vince Griesman COO  iLevel Brands

Kroger/Drug Team Lead

Christine Brown Director iLevel Brands

 Walmart/Sams Team Lead

Anthony Mondello Director iLevel Brands

Whole Foods Team Lead

Michelle Draguesku Director iLevel Brands

 Sprouts Team  Lead

Mark Noble Senior VP  iLevel Brands


 Albertsons Team  Lead

Matt Roberts Director iLevel Brands


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