iLevel Brands was born from a desire to provide

an alternative to the outdated and broken broker model.


Our management team is comprised of industry veterans


that include brand founders, employees of existing broker companies, key retailer buyers and sales executives from major distributors in our channel.


At iLevel Brands we have reengineered the outdated broker model, so we can provide the unmatched attention brands deserve.  Our data-backed reporting offers transparent sales analytics, so clients always have proof that we are growing their business.


We get the job done with the results to prove it.  At iLevel Brands, we help natural product companies increase sales by giving them the attention they deserve.


iLevel Brands is a truly rewarding place to work with a nationally recognized culture and a remarkable growth story that is only getting stronger.


If you want to be part of something innovative and cutting edge in the broker space that has never been seen before Please apply because we need people like you .

Instead of thinking of iLevel Brands as a conventional “broker” think of us as a true extension of your sales team.
Because of our unique business model, we’re as selective about which brands, we partner with as we are about who we hire.

As a partner we take a personalized, collaborative, and targeted approach with each brand. Because of that we’re more selective about who we represent. We approach accepting new clients very seriously. We’ll interview you looking for that “perfect fit”, and hope you’ll be doing the same with us. We promise to tell you honestly if we don’t think we can help you to achieve your goals.

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I am interested in applying for the MULO Teams position

 We are looking for VP level account mangement professionals. Please indicate in the message box the account that is a best fit for you. Kroger, Target, Club, or Drug. Please paste your LinkedIn profile page here as well. We will review this and reach out to you if we think there might be a good fit with our team. You can also email a resume directly to