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Here's Some of the Retailers we call on

If we listed them all you’d be watching this scroll for 10 minutes. There’s really very few we don’t visit.

Why We're Different

The big problem with any service business is what to do when you achieve success and hit growth mode. 90% of the time the head count and systems infrastructure can no longer handle the load and the quality of service starts to decline significantly.

Let’s face it, the traditional broker model promises you equal coverage but if you do the math it’s easy to see that there’s not enough time in the day for one person to have the brand knowledge or time to represent each brand equally when the line list contains upwards of 150 brands.

That’s why we created the Contract Sales Partner business model. It requires a Fixed Number line list and religious focus on engineering tenants of continuous improvement. To grow our top line we have to grow your top line not just add new brands.

Tom Grillea
COO Threshold
Enterprises, LTD
"iLevel has been our outside sales force for just over a year. They have shown us fantastic results for both our Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals brands. Their planning and execution as well as communication have exceeded all of our expectations. We look forward to working closely with iLevel in the future."
Rich Gallucci
Executive Vice President
Nubian Heritage
"iLevel’s data and reporting is fantastic. We can actually see what they are doing. They have had our east coast business for two years now and sales have doubled. We are so impressed that we decided to give them the whole country. With them on board in the west, sales for the second half of 2016 have grown by more than 300%!"
David Dusza
Vice President of Sales
Purely Elizabeth
"Why do we use iLevel Brands?  How are they different? iLevel Brands = Experienced, Professional Team + Open, Honest Communication + Advanced Reporting Systems + Limited Brands + Proven Results. Can you check all of those boxes with your current team?  
We can."
David Ledford
Senior Vice President of Sales
Wedderspoon Organic
"Wedderspoon Organic USA partnered with iLevel in April 2018 and their hardworking, results-driven team has exceeded our expectations in a very short period of time. Finding a broker team that connects fast-growing brands with innovative, out of the box solutions is a truly rare find and we are thankful to have found the iLevel team."
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Here's Some of the Brands we Represent

Our brands represent a cross-section of all categories including natural and organic foods, supplements, health and beauty care, etc.

How We Do It

iLevel is committed to a fixed number line list preferring to grow our topline by focusing on growing the topline of our brands. We'll show you how a smaller team with superior skills, focus, and a set of technology-based tools can out perform "head count".

Our model is simple. We look for companies to partner with where we see significant growth potential by simply putting in the effort. When you focus on the opportunities, eliminate obstacles and actually WORK the line, GROWTH happens. Many times its not just low hanging fruit, its fruit on the ground. If this sounds like something you are not getting right now, its quite possible your brand is the perfect fit for us.

iLevel News and Brand Updates

Natural HBC

Unilever to acquire Sundial Brands

Sundial Brands is the latest addition to Unilever’s portfolio of fast-growing, purpose-led companies as part of broader Company transformation. Agreement accelerates Unilever’s Personal Care category

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Welcome Andy Chasen

Andy Chasen joins our team on February 13th. He brings significant strength to the Brand Management team while at the same time managing a handful

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We Use a Partnership Approach

Instead of thinking of iLevel Brands as a conventional "feet on the street brokerage" think of us as a true extension of your sales team. Because of our fixed line list model, we're as selective about which brands we partner with as we are about who we hire.

As a partner we take a personalized, collaborative, targeted approach with each brand, and because of that we’re more selective about who we represent. We approach accepting new clients very seriously, we’ll interview you looking for that “perfect fit”, and we hope you’ll be doing the same with us; We promise to tell you honestly if we don’t think we can help you achieve your goals.
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