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Mens Sport Shirts
Womens Sport Shirts
Women’s Trail Jersey – another option vs the Sport Shirt
Unlike pit shirts does have womens cut
Rough mockup of tights
These are unisex
Black Pit Shirt
These are unisex
White Pit Shirt
These are unisex
Green Pit Shirt
These are unisex
True Cycling Jerseys
Very Snug – Available in men’s and Women’s
  • Sizes you picked in Austin

    • Aaron – XL White Pit Shirt + XL Sport Shirt
    • Mark M – L Sport Shirt + L EG Jacket
    • Mark N – XXL Sport Shirt
    • Ron – XL Sport Shirt
    • Sam – S Sport Shirt
    • John – XL Sport Shirt
    • Vince – XL Sport Shirt
    • Andy – S Sport Shirt + S EG Jacket
  • Sizes you picked in Austin

    • Donna – S Trail Jersey + S EG Jacket
    • Christine – M Trail Jersey + M EG Jacket
    • Bobbi – L Trail Jersey + L EG Jacket
    • Stacey – XL Trail Jersey
    • Ginger – XL EG Jacket
    • Eleanor – L EG Jacket
    • Julie – XL EG Jacket
    • Liz – L EG Jacket
    • Susanne – M EG Jacket
  • No one picked the ladies sport shirt. You can do so if you like. My guess is they will fit just like the Trail Jersey. You may need to guess off of another persons choice in size here if you want one.