Dana Rogers, Vice President Independent Natural Team

Dana Rogers brings extensive natural independent channel experience to the iLevel Brands Team. In a previous role as Midwest Regional Manager for an East Coast Brokerage company, Dana has represented hundreds of brands and worked extensively with NCG co-ops, INFRA and natural independent retailers gaining the skills to achieve sales and brand presence within this important segment of our marketplace.

Managing the natural sales team, Dana creates centralized systems and strategies to make our team efficient in their information and allow greater time focused on your brand. Moving from the old brokerage model of a “milk route” mentality, Dana manages the sales team with unique iLevel technologies, designed to give our sales force void and sales data, by brand, and by retailer, enabling her team to target where the opportunities are. Dana’s focus is to build and monitor the tools the sales force needs to present your brand, where it matters, every time. Our unique reporting gives you an “eye-level” view of our efforts on your behalf every month.

Dana’s experience prior to the natural foods industry includes Advertising and Promotional Marketing in the CPG industry, working with leading brands such as Pillsbury, General Mills, Quaker Oats, and Apple Computers within a large national agency setting.