Why the old broker model is broken

The big problem with any service business is success can be the biggest enemy to quality of services provided. Ninety percent of the time the growth curve is not well anticipated and the result is the head count and systems infrastructure can no longer handle the load and quality of service starts to decline significantly.

Let’s face it, the traditional broker model promises you equal coverage but if you do the math it’s easy to see that there’s not enough time in the day for one person to have the brand knowledge or the time to represent each brand equally when the line list contains upwards of 150 brands.

That’s why we created our Contract Sales Partner model. It requires a fixed number line list that is kept small and a religious focus on the engineering tenants of continuous improvement. That way, to grow our top line we have to grow your top line not just add new brands in perpetuity.

The Magic Behind Our Model

iLevel is committed to a fixed number line list preferring to grow our topline by focusing on growing the topline of our brands. We’ll show you how a smaller team with superior skills, focus and a set of technology tools can out perform “head count”.

Our model is simple. We look for companies to partner with where we see significant growth potential by simply putting in the effort. When you focus on the opportunities, eliminate obstacles and actually WORK the line, GROWTH happens. Many times its not just low hanging fruit, its fruit on the ground. If this sounds like something you are not getting right now, its quite possible your brand is the perfect fit for us

Our Commitment

  • Partnership with iLevel Brands means focused attention for your brand
  • We wake up everyday thinking Where can I sell “your brand name here”
  • Open and timely communication at all times
  • Strategic planning throughout the year
  • Monthly sales reporting proving we are working your lin
  • Team dedicated to the success of your brand
  • In short, we act more like an extension of your sales team performing as shared regional managers for you versus functioning like traditional broker reps
  • iLevel model built on small line list, usually a third or less that of our competitors.
  • Customized Go-To-Market business plan that gets you results not coverage
  • One of the few National Brokerage companies covering all classes of trade
  • Personalized concierge service – communication levels unsurpassed
  • Smaller team but much smaller line list allows us to ACTUALLY present your line to 2500+ independent natural retailers every quarter. We present your line at EVERY call.
  • Reporting via technology platforms every month provides true transparency and shows you exactly what we do.
  • Turnpike systems let us reach thousands of C & D stores 24/7
  • Turnpike analytics gets us detailed sales data on your business for all independent natural retailers regardless of distributor and is created for you quarterly
  • Custom apps on Podio provide detailed information on sales calls, category reviews, photo gallery and more
  • Broker, Manufacturing, Distributors, Retailers, Company Founders, Entrepreneurs
  • Dry grocery, frozen, dairy, perishables, HBC, supplements
  • Whole Foods, Supermarkets, Natural, Food Service, Mass, Club, C-Store, Military
  • A professional “think tank” to provide feedback on growing your business