Some thoughts looking back from yours truly David Abrahams CEO of iLevel Brands.

Like a lot of people, my career has taken a few interesting twists and turns over the years, and looking back, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed every part of the ride (most of it anyway!)  It seems now as though each new step opened up for me a different view of the world, and a different way of approaching business and business relationships.
Yet, I must say that my definitive moment came 23 years ago when I left the world of engineering and jumped headfirst into the natural products industry by starting my own brand with absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into. Here, I found my true calling; being a founder, moving on to consulting and then trying something different by working for a broker. These experiences combined would finally allow me the luxury of owning and building my dream company. I am essentially the biggest failure in my family. But on the third swing I hit a home run with iLevel Brands. Throughtout the years I was fortunate to have the support of the most amazing wife who was willing to throw good cash after bad because she believed in me or I was just that good at selling swamp land to her.

Along the way it became very clear to me that this little industry was comprised of some of the most supportive and giving people. Even some of my competitors were willing to give me a hand. I don’t know of any other industry quite like the natural products industry.

As my success (and Failures), I came to see that my failures would be more important to me in the end. No one hears of all the small businesses that go under. It’s just those that hit it big by being acquired for millions that make the news. A company being acquired is one in a thousand. Small businesses going under happens every day unfortunately.

Many people jump into this industry hoping to cash out like the big guys did. Most fail. Throwing away their nest egg and suffering devastating losses along the road. I hate to say it but I have actually told potential clients to take their small stash of cash and go to Vegas on a binge weekend instead of trying to make it big in our channel. They have better chances of hitting the jackpot there versus dumping their life savings into trying to make a go of it in our pond. This industry will ultimately eat them alive. So my failures have become very valuable. I always say I know where the land mines are buried and have stepped on many of them myself so let me lead the way, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

There were many others that did the same for me and I pledged that should I become successful I would always give some back to those in need of some guidance. Hopefully, my help would increase their chances of success in a kind but also ruthless industry.

It is with this sentiment I have started a mission to offer some of those nudges you may need to succeed in our channel at no cost. Call it paying it paying it forward for all of you weary travelers who stop on this page. I wish you the best of luck in chasing your dream. Fill out the form on the right to get that first nudge Go get em tiger.

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