iLevel first Accelerator brand – transformed Roots True Foods into Blendtopia


  • Approx 12 retail locations

  • Packed by hand in small commercial kitchen

  • Handful of coffee shops

  • Direct to consumer via website

  • Revenue less than $100K

  • Complete brand overhaul to Blendtopia in 2017


  • Thousands of doors

  • Retailers include Whole Foods Global, Wegmans, Raleys, Earthfare etc

  • Proforma and pitch deck created to raise capital

  • Partnership with commercial copacker

  • Run rate in excess of $1.2M

  • Acquired by Oppenheimer Co’s in September 2019

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iLevel Brands = Experienced Professional Team + Open Honest Communication +
Advanced Reporting Systems + Limited Brands + Proven Results

Strategically placed across the country

On the road visiting independent stores

Cover NCG & INFRA stores

Focused on head quarter calls

Manages category reviews and promotions

Educated on your brand and can sell it

Support for your go to market strategy

Monthly business calls

Partnership and support 24/7 (well 12/7)


We are the revolutionary solution to turn to when traditional brokerage is no longer working for your brand

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