Every year iLevel opens the application process for its Accelerator program in January. After a careful selection process, a handful of brands are initiated into the program. The Accelerator program offers a chance to win services that are essential to a brand’s success in our industry. These services include the best in class broker services provided by iLevel and also extend into additional services provided by partner companies of this program. These services include:

Marketing –  Brand strategy and consumer marketing, as well as package design refresh (if needed).

Financial – Consulting to create proforma’s necessary to win outside funding to grow a brand’s business and fractional CFO services

Social Media – Introduction or improvement campaigns to enchance a brands’s social media efforts

Take a look at how we transformed last years’ winner, Blendtopia, in our Alumni section.

Who should apply to be part of our Accelerator program?

We’re excited to build a platform of success to support natural product businesses at varying stages. The iLevel Accelerator is intended for brands with proof of concept, who are already producing, and selling their products. Typically these businesses are at an annual run rate of $1MM or more per year in revenue.

Is my company too far along to be considered for the program?

Our Accelerator companies are all at different stages in the life cycle of a brand. Even if you are already selling in thousands of doors, our program can add value and help your company continue to grow. That being said, if you are doing more than $8MM in annual revenue, your company may be too far along for our accelerator program. However, you will definitely be eligible for our conventional broker services, so please reach out to us to find out more about how we accelerate the growth of mature brands at record breaking levels.

How does the iLevel Accelerator program work?

The iLevel Accelerator is a national program  where winning brands will be paired with a Lead Brand Mentor who is a senior executive at iLevel Brands. Your Brand Mentor will collaborate with your iLevel Brand Manager to facilitate a comprehensive sales effort to grow your distribution into many more retailers across the country. You will also be paired with the Accelerator partners to take advantage of the Marketing, Financial and Social Media services that they provide. This collective suite of consulting partners can have a huge impact on your Brand’s success. Take a look at our alumni section for examples of previous successes.


iLevel Brands = Experienced Professional Team + Open Honest Communication +
Advanced Reporting Systems + Limited Brands + Proven Results

Strategically placed across the country

On the road visiting independent stores

Cover NCG & INFRA stores

Focuses on headquarter calls

Manages category reviews and promotions

Educated on your brand and can sell it

Supports your go-to-market strategy

Monthly business calls

Partnership and support 24/7 (well 12/7)


We are the revolutionary solution to turn to when traditional brokerage is no longer working for your brand

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