Mark McCormick

Mark McCormick GOLFING 2017

Director Midwest Supermarket Accounts

Mark has been involved in the Specialty, Natural & Organic industry since 1999. Over the last 19 years he’s worked on the distributor, manufacturer & broker side of the business. Mark started out as a Field Sales Representative at Tree of Life & worked several positions throughout his 10 years there up to Senior Account Manager calling on Roundy’s.

Mark also had the opportunity to work on the Manufacturer side for 5 years & learned how products are created, tested & make it into the marketplace. Having the last 5 years of Broker experience has brought several successes for our brands as well as many outstanding business relationships with the buyers, distributor account managers & the store personnel at multiple Midwest accounts.

Mark appreciates seeing products from their infancy make it to the shelf. The process of learning about the products to where they will be positioned, to how much it cost to finally see it on the shelf are just part of the entire process. Relationships in this industry are built on trust, commitment to the overall job and excellent communication from the manufacturer to the buyers & store personnel.

Everyday Mark looks forward to providing that leadership to the peers he works with day in & day out. Providing our manufacturers with the knowledge & experience is why he has continued to work in the broker side of the business. Creating a winning team is Mark’s #1 goal in this industry.